Bow Wow Duck Stick

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Bow Wow duck jerky is made with fresh meat from New Zealand. They are naturally air-dried, hence retaining its natural meaty flavor and soft chewy texture. Low in fat content and high in protein. It is the perfect reward treat for your pet!

Features :

  • Improves pet's training & learning ability.
  • Low fat, low salt, and low calorie product.
  • Contains abundant high quality protein for good digestion and absorption.
  • Processed by sanitary equipment with careful selection of pure natural materials.
  • Reduces the odour of feces.
  • Helps with improvement of liver function.
  • Sanitary and safe/sterilised by high temperature.
  • Has a slight aromatic smell of cooked fresh meat.
  • Each 40g pack contains 5 delicious sticks.


Fresh Duck meat (Korea), Fish, Wheat flour, soybean meal, seasoning, Vitamin & Minerals.